Painter Brian Venable

While in Memphis I had the chance to film Brian Venable on his paintings and what motivates his creativity. Brian known for being the lead guitar player in Lucero has been painting very personal pieces for the past few years and recently started a new project called Self Portrait. Check out more of Brian's work at

• Directed/ Edited by Andrew Leggett

• Mix by A.J. Murillo

• Music courtesy of J. Mascis / 7s Management

The Man With The Camera

Driving down PCH you see a lot of unusual things. For me it was seeing Rainer Hosch with a 8x10 camera. I often stop people and ask for their portraits and driving by Rainer I felt the urge to stop and talk with him. The moment I saw him and heard what he was doing I wanted to make this short film about him. This is the first film I have made in 15 years. I hope you enjoy.